Kevyn Fairchild is an accomplished producer, photographer, and lecturer who approaches his work with a nod to history and a drive for inclusive innovation.

During his time at the Producers Guild of America, he oversaw digital media production for the PGA East as well as at the annual Produced By: New York conference. He also produced a number of video segments covering film festival red carpets, interviews with members of the Guild, and conference panelists.

In 2016, he shifted his production focus to podcasting launching the Produced By Podcast where he had the opportunity to talk about producing with many of the industry’s leading content producers. Since then, he has continued to produce on a number of projects including Beer Bourbon and a Movie, and most recently the On the Run NYC podcast. 

Defining himself as an observational photographer, Kevyn’s photographs capture natural—but specific—moments in time and space with little to no interaction with the subject of his work. Rarely working in series, he chooses instead to create a body of work unified by his desire to evoke an emotional response in the viewer. His post-production philosophy is one where he tries to bring out the best elements of an image, while still staying true to the nature of the subject as captured by each of his camera’s unique optics. To him, the image is made in the camera and simply tuned in post.

He has a Bachelor’s in Film Studies from the University of Colorado Denver, and a Master’s in Media Studies from the New School and currently lives in Staten Island, New York with his husband Ben and their cat Gemma Grace.